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09 Aug, 2021

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BE (Poem written by Poshlyn Nicholson, Founder of ChaseYouth)

BE (Poem written by Poshlyn Nicholson, Founder of ChaseYouth)

Be Black Be Unapologetic Be Bold Be Present Be brilliant Be FREE

Show up as yourself Wear your hair in whatever color you please Hoop earrings Matching fits Coffin nails Do your stuff Just remember show up Speak up Listen Up Never give up! Don’t forget your roots Dig deep Plant yourself Right where you need to be It’s Only up from Here You can slay Check a Bag An get As  Take care of business An play

History is on our side Harlem Renaissance Literally clubs full of musicians like Duke Ellington’s Intellectual Literary Giants From Zora Neal Hurstons Gwendolyn Brooks To the James Baldwins Historical Black treasures  We represent Past and Present From The Obamas To Fannie Lou Hamers Katherine Johnsons To the Fred Hamptons Shonda Rhimes To the Amanda Gormans

We Shine in Every Arena So pick a vocation Go after everything you want You are unstoppable A force Powerful Black Queen Black King Don’t you know We don’t ride the wave We create it Be far from basic Dream Big Do Work Be Unapologetically You Shine Like you were created to

Me personally I Am Who I Was Created to be I learned that Born into less than favorable circumstances Doesn’t shape my Destiny It launches me I carry the light within My melanated pigment This skin it could not be duplicated It is Heaven sent It was and always has been the most hated Good thing America don’t dictate my worth My value is undeniable, impenetrable, unconquerable it’s deeply rooted since the beginning I can’t be bought Like Sista Soulja Better yet, Shirley Chisholm I’m unBossed America hates that too Using it as fuel To pick up my bootstraps Take my boots An shatter every glass ceiling

To travel through the age of micro aggressions, insults, and invalidations to bring Healing Killing them with kindness Disrupting and dismantling every harmful system Suffering a little for my village The students The leaders The world changers And the change agents You I feed with love, Knowledge, Encouragement, I continue to speak life No matter what battle I have to fight I will advocate for mine Y’all deserve everything and a little more staring imposter syndrome down Waiting for her at the door She’s no longer welcome here Young Black Brothers Young Black Sisters Take your rightful place breathe Inhale Exhale Excellence Black to be exact Act like you know This country was built on our ancestors backs Move with intention Dont ever forget it they tried to bury us but We Are Seeds You cannot be exterminated Truth is they’re fascinated At your resilience Your intellect Your dialect Your whole aura So Read Dream Succeed Be Who you were created to Be Unapologetically © Poshlyn Nicholson on 1/21/2021